Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Take Your Shoes Off, Stay a While!


We look forward to sharing this blog with all Pink Zinnia's fans. Whether you're here because you are a loyal shopper or because you were directed here via an image or link, we hope you find our little corner of the bloggesphere as welcoming as we hope. 

The Pink Zinnia is a boutique located "Just Off the Historic Square" in Hernando, MS. That's Northwest Mississippi for anyone who doesn't know (close to Memphis, TN -the home of Rock & Roll). We carry a marvelous variety of gifts, jewelry and (our favorite) women's fashion. There will be a detailed discussion of all things Pink Zinnia very soon. Everything we have, we love. We should, we picked it out! 

This project has been on our mind for some time now and decided that Fall is the perfect time to launch! We love Fall and all it entails! We look forward to using this platform as a way to keep you informed, entertained and wanting more! If there is something you would like to see from us, please leave a note in the comment section and we will work on your request! Sign up for alerts of new posts and above all, ENJOY! 

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