Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Fall, Fashion, Football: Part 2

Part two of our Fall, Fashion, Football will be devoted to the art of Fall Fashion. 

Whether you're tailgating, spending the day with family and friends, shopping or having date night, fashion in the Fall is what it's all about around. (Don't hold us to that though, after the Winter, Spring will most definitely be a can't wait season). Outside or in, Fall has all our favorite things. 


When we think Fall we think: Soup, Early nights, Cool breezes, Boots, Jackets, Sweaters.

All of those things are some of the reasons we love Fall so much at the PZ! Just think for a minute, cozy sweaters and leggings on a cool night, by a fire with loved ones and a delicious glass of red wine. (Mmmm) Grabbing your favorite jacket to pair with your knee length leather boots for a day of shopping. Pea coats on a cold date night to a favorite restaurant with a thick tight and the booties you think about all year around. Yeah, you're getting excited too! ;)

This year we have really stepped it up a notch! 

Last year, we were met with an exceptionally cold winter. It was colder, it lasted longer and took us by surprise! This Winter and Fall we are stocked on jackets, coats, and sweaters to keep you warm and comfy this season! As usual, we will pepper them in the store when available and let you know via Facebook and Instagram when they are here and for sale! And keep a piece of your wardrobe open for a fabulous shoe or two we will have in store for you before too long! 

What is your favorite time of the year? What do you love most about Fall and Winter? Let us know and don't forget to subscribe so you can stay up to date on all the new posts! Like us on Facebook and Follow us on Instagram! 

See you there, 

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