Monday, November 24, 2014

Gobble, Gobble

The Holiday season is upon us once again. (We can't believe it ourselves and it's our job to get you ready for it!) It seems to us that one special holiday is getting lost in this face-paced, material-driven culture. That holiday is of course, Thanksgiving. 

We love Thanksgiving for the obvious reasons, the food. But more than that we love the idea of giving thanks to our family and friends - officially - and coming together for a holiday and time of year that isn't about giving gifts, but giving thanks. So we want to take the time to say thanks the old fashion way. (A blog is totally old fashion, right?) 

So, to all of you, who read these silly posts of ours, THANK YOU. Thank you, for taking time out of your day to read what we have to say. Thank you to everyone who comes in, not just during this time of year but all year long. Thank you to those of you who know us by name, you make us feel a part of your life. Thank you to all of those who come to see us every time they are in town, those who tell us how cute the store is, those who notice when we've changed it up. 

We are thankful of each other because it's just the two of us everyday trying to make this a place where you want to come and spend your time (and hard earned money). Thank you to Kristi, who makes it possible for us to have a day off and who is so special to us. Thank you to Cheryl, for all her help and positive energy and support, thank you for trusting us! 

So think about what you are thankful for this Thanksgiving. Remember to say your thanks, think of how special that handwritten thank you note is when you open your mail and don't forget those things that make life with family and friends a little more meaningful. 

Now that we have those Thank You's out of the way. The other important part of Thanksgiving: The Food. 

Oh the food. Dressing (not stuffing), Casseroles, Turkey, Ham, Rolls, Pies, Cakes and the list goes on.  So let's get down the the real stuff here: Dressing. What's the difference you may ask? Well, stuffing is similar to a bread pudding (but without the custard) and dressing, the wonderful Southern tradition, is essentially cornbread casserole. Made with eggs, dried cornbread, stock and wonderful add-ins that vary with the cook. Turkey: to fry or not to fry. Traditional, you don't fry, you brine and slowly cook it. But I believe once you've had fried turkey, it's hard to go back. 

Betsy Carol loves the dressing. Yum. On Thanksgiving, she's in charge of making sure the pickiest of eaters has something they love. Cory loves the dressing too. She's in charge of casseroles, it varies from year to year but it's always certain she'll be in charge of the green bean casserole. It's made with fresh, not canned green beans, homemade cream sauce, bacon and cheese. It's as good as it sounds. 

We both love the time with our families and are thankful we are lucky enough to have each other and our families to have during this wonderful time of year. Please comment and let us know what is your favorite part of the Holidays! We would love to hear from you and remember to subscribe so you can always know when we have a new post! 

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